New Leaf Caravan Valeting

Caravan and Motorhome Cleaning

Full Exterior Wash

We offer a full double wash of the exterior of your caravan or motorhome as standard. We don't use high pressure jet washes – we instead prefer to use soft brushes and work by hand, to ensure more precision, and higher quality finish. An exterior valet consists of:

  • Initial full body wash (including roof), removing old traffic film, road debris, algae, and black streaks
  • Cleaning around service points and locker boxes
  • External window clean and polish
  • Wheels cleaned and blacked
  • Second wash and full body wax

Additional Detailed Valeting

We also offer several extra detailed valeting options to really make your caravan or motorhome shine. Please get in touch about any of these additional extras:

  • Steam cleaning of upholstery, carpets, rugs, runners, curtains, and pelmets
  • Deep clean and de-greasing of oven and stove top
  • Cleaning of external lockers and dry boxes

Interior Valeting

We take immense pride in the results we achieve in our interior valeting. We understand the importance of looking after the space you live in, and the utmost care is taken in the living space of your caravan or motorhome. Our interior valet consists of the following:

  • All living areas cleaned and polished
  • Vacuum of the seating, curtains, and bunks
  • Vacuum and clean beneath the seats and bunks
  • Interior window clean and polish
  • Steam cleaning and sanitisation of bathroom/shower
  • Steam cleaning and sanitisation of refridgerator, freezer, and seals
  • Cleaning and sanitisation of the kitchen and food preparation areas